Exciting mixture of pumpkin seeds bring you these amazing pumpkins--no two are alike!!

Seed mixture produces different sizes, shapes and colors!

Welcome to "Bob's Designer Pumpkins" website.  Ours is a remarkable story of how these special pumpkins came to be.  Quite by accident, a dark green acorn squash and a traditional orange carving pumpkin got together in our farm ditch and produced some interesting offspring.  Bob Koenders, agronomist, grower, owner of The Backyard Bouquet Farm, and now breeder, seized the opportunity and committed himself to the deliberate inter-cross breeding between many various winter squash varieties and carving pumpkins...all made possible by his own in-field beehive and over ten generations of specific specimen selection. (See the complete story under "Our Pumpkins.")


 Important Seed information:


  • Will not cross-pollinate or otherwise affect any other vine crops you currently grow
  • 100% Non-GMO Genetic manipulation--they are only natural!
  • Our own family farm genetic development--support U.S. seed breeders!
  • 10 years of local retail test marketing--watch your sales increase!
  • Bob's Designer Pumpkins outcompete traditonal orange jack-o-lanterns 
  • Our seed mixture possesses value-added ornamental appeal--a proven customer attraction

Who are we?

Gowing Sunflowers in Addition to Pumpkins


We are a family-owned business located in Armada, Michigan.  We are first and foremost a specialty-cut flower farm specializing in forsythia (which Bob harvests in its dormant state during the winter), allium, limelight hydrangea, amazingly beautiful sunflowers, and kale roses.   But we love growing our pumpkins, too!  For over 20 years, we grew and sold traditional pumpkins in the front of our house.  That was until we were blessed with the ornamental, specialty pumpkins you see here--We now exclusively grow Bob's Designer Pumpkins--selling the pumpkins to a few select retail markets and the seeds to our customers across the United States. 


Specialty, ornamental use

Bob's Ornamental Pumpkins Grown From Our Special Seeds

Bob's Designer Pumpkins make beautiful, ornamental centerpieces as well.  Kale roses fill these pumpkins perfectly.  

More information

Unique, Edible, and Tasty Pumpkins!
Pumpkins have thick walls and high density.  Pumpkins are edible and tasty, too!
The orange and black pumpkins make very good pies--not stringy and the meat is thick and easy to prepare.  The pumpkins make great squash and soup.  (We've tried them all!)  
  • Grown on rye mulch, harvested and sold clean, these pumpkins are well received by customers
  • Pumpkin vines are cut leaving the entire stem and tendrils for an artistic (designer) look
  • Perfect for higher value, niche growers with direct retail marketing
  • Perfect for agritourism--great opportunity for school children to learn about the science of genetics in a fun way
  • There are 11 dominant and predictably recurring traits of desirable characteristics
  • Pumpkins range from long, tall (25 pounds) to flat, stackable (3-5 pounds)
  • Pumpkin vines produce 3-7 fruits per plant (depending on spacing)